PRT's Photo Gallery

April 2010 - Easter 60s/70s/80s party
There was, as could be predicted, quite a lot of 80s. And a fair bit of 90s slipped in too :)

February 2010 - Charlotte and Ellie's party
Birthday party - don't actually remember much due to being either (a) tired, or (b) drunk...

January 2010 - Everyone's Birthday Party
It seems that the end-of-January-party is gaining in popularity year on year. And Sarah can come again next year after she said she thought I was 26 :)

January 2010 - Bradley's Birthday
The one where he wore a skirt and a bra. But it was good.

January 2010 - More snow
More wretched white stuff, and we are snowed in once again...

January 2010 - New Year
New Year celebrations in Danehill.

December 2009 - Tim and Claire's wedding
Well she did want a white wedding with snow ... and that's exactly what was delivered.

December 2009 - Snow
Very picturesque, but a royal pain when you have to get around and do things. Like rig a wedding...

December 2009 - Rok Skool Kool Yool
Photos from Thurdsay night taken by Della. Quality a bit varied because of low light and no flash...

December 2009 - Danehill Tree Lighting
Well I never made it for the actual lighting of said tree, but was there for the disco afterwards...

November 2009 - Club Party
Another excellent evening of dancing in Danehill.

November 2009 - Skiing
Tim's stag weekend in Tignes.

November 2009 - LINX67
Pictures from the LINX's 15th birthday party

November 2009 - Village Market
The last CG village market of 2009 was a great success, even if the wind did flatten one of the tentsovernight...

October 2009 - Party
Halloween and birthday party at the club.

October 2009 - Pumpkins
The results of me, Susie and Della and a couple of pumpkins.

October 2009 - Quick trip to the coast
Barney and I went to Shoreham for a cup of tea and a doughnut...

September 2009 - The mad weekend to Doncaster
Teasers as seen on Facebook!

September 2009 - Satch 70th Party
The party where beer and that 3D connect four game caused much pain.

August 2009 - Misc
Various from August

August 2009 - Bank Holiday Weekend
Party in Saturday night in Danehill

July 2009 - Rok Skool Danehill Summer Singing Thing
WEe hadn't even begun to recover from Skool's out for Summer when we did most of it again in Danehill. Della took most of these, not me.

July 2009 - Rok Skool Skools Out For Summer
Photos from Thursday night - when the sound worked - so I could wave the camera about a bit (and Della took lots of photos of Keef too).

July 2009 - Ali's birthday BBQ
The English weather forgot to rain for a day, which was excellent, as was the Pimm's and the food.

July 2009 - Kelsey's Birthday
Alice in Wonderland meets Danehill for Kelsey's birthday.

July 2009 - Italy Trip
Fun, games, damned hard work and some organisational headaches in L'Aquila...

June 2009 - Freya's Party
Freya's day-glo neon 18th birthday party in Danehill

June 2009 - Football Club Awards Night
The annual Dnehill Football Club party ... where we once again dragged all the lights and sound gear over the road (never again).

May 2009 - Della and Susie's 21st Birthday Party
Need I say more?

May 2009 - Herons Brook Building
The results of having a digger on site for the weekend.

May 2009 - Rok Skool Party
There was a surprise party in Danehill, not many pics though

April 2009 - Overnight Maintenance
We caused absolute mayhem in TFM8

April 2009 - Stuarts Garden Project
A big hole was dug with diggers at precarious angles, and we took down the greenhouse

April 2009 - Randoms
Some from March and April...

April 2009 - Random outdoor pictures
Spring had sprung in the garden.

April 2009 - Rok Skool play Danehill
Fab evening of singing and playing from Rok Skool. It was standing room only in the club...

February 2009 - Miles 18th Birthday
Happy Birthday Miles - we all had a great time.

February 2009 - Hannah's 30th Birthday
Yes, she really is 30, and yes, that makes me feel old; but hey, we had a party and Holly got very drunk...

February 2009 - Lots of snow
The snow was lovely in the field at home, and we mostly built an Igloo... On the M25 that morning it was lethal.

February 2009 - George and Phil Wedding
George and Phil get married up in Stoke, complete with a dusting of snow ... and the trip home on an un-gritted M25!

January 2009 - New Year
Yes. I dimly remember that there was a party. And then there were shots. And then more partying to see in 2009...

December 2008 - Christmas Eve
There weren't many people out partying, but a few braved the cold to usher in Christmas.

November 2008 - Randoms
Cats, dogs and horses

October 2008 - Murder Mystery Evening
Our halloween whodunnit.

September 2008 - Lesley's Birthday
Lesley was 18 all over again, which was a great excuse to party.

September 2008 - Misc
Random oddments

September 2008 - Julia and Derek Wedding
Some pictures from after the wedding, as we missed the actual ceremony due to over-running rigging :-(

September 2008 - Chelwood Gate Village Market
The third CG market, and this time we picked the one weekend where the sun shone.

September 2008 - Club cowboys and indians
This was the long awaited relaunch of the club, and it was all very good.

September 2008 - Sharon's Birthday
Surprise party for Sharon with some interesting singing at the end...

August 2008 - Amandas Birthday
Was it really only a year ago that we had the totally manic evening for her 18th?

August 2008 - Helsinki
A day and a half in Helsinki whilst working in Finland. Also some shots from the sauna in the woods.

July 2008 - Ali and Sam Wedding
Despite my mother breaking her leg at the reception, it was a truly fantastic day.

June 2008 - OGW day
A few pictures from the woods and around the school.

June 2008 - Misc
Various random photos from June.

June 2008 - Ashdown Weekend
Thursday evening - Art show preview and quiz.

June 2008 - Ashdown Weekend
Friday evening - Family party.

June 2008 - Ashdown Weekend
Saturday - The Ashdown Ball.

June 2008 - Ashdown Weekend
Sunday - The fete including Rok Skool.

June 2008 - Ashdown Weekend
The backstage fun and games to make it all happen...

June 2008 - Danehill School PTA Golf Day Dinner
I passed on the whole golf thing, but went to the dinner at the Royal Ashdown clubhouse.

June 2008 - BBQ for Barney's 30th
As Barney is now officially an old git, we had a BBQ to celebrate. Mind you, it was the day after the wedding so several people were swearing never to drink again :)

June 2008 - Steve and Sarah Wedding
A very enjoyable day to celebrate Steve and Sarah baing manacled together :)

May 2008 - Tim's Birthday
There was quite a lot of general drunken partying going on this evening ... :)

May 2008 - Danehill Club BBQ
This year, it didnt start raining until later on in the evening and we weren't all utterly drenched by the time we arrived. Also take note of the new decor!

May 2008 - Danehill Football Club Awards Night
An excellent evening, although several people really did look the worse for wear by midnight. Mentioning no names of course. Nicola. Bradley. Lesley. Me.

May 2008 - Random
Various oddments from the beginning of May.

May 2008 - Hannah BBQ
BBQ at Hannah's for Carrie and Claire's birthdays

May 2008 - Club Party
May 2008 - Club Party

April 2008 - Club Party
April 2008 - Club Party

April 2008 - Random
Horses in the snow, cats and Stu under the stairs.

March 2008 - Carrie's 21st Birthday
A great party with everyone in attendance ... and we didn't have to do the disco - bonus!

March 2008 - Chelwood Gate Village market
The inaugural village market in Chelwood Gate.

February 2008 - Skiing in France
An entertaining week (minus the night in Inverness) in the Alps.

January 2008 - Australia day and birthday party
Party in Danehill for us old(er) farts and Australia day.

January 2008 - New Year
Much fun, dancing and drinkable substances as we converged in Danehill for the new year and Holly's 18th birthday.

December 2007 - Boxing Day
A few pictures from boxing day at Ali and Sam's.

December 2007 - Christmas Eve
A wonderful evening in Danehill where it snowed and Santa almost went on strike.

December 2007 - Club Christmas Draw
The Christmas Draw from the Saturday before Christmas.

December 2007 - Football Club disco
Its a bit hazy, but I think we had a party for the Danehill FC :)

November 2007 - EPF2 Day 2
Photos from the final day of the EPF.

November 2007 - EPF2 Day 1
First day of the forum proper.

November 2007 - EPF2 Day 0
First set of pictures from the EPF in Barcelona.

August 2007 - Beirut
Despite the general negative image, I'm pleased to say that Beirut is a superb place. Only a few battle-scarred buildings on show...

July 2007 - Stuart and Charlottes Blessing
There are very few here - blame Messrs Puttick and Bennett for the power outage which distracted me from taking pictures...

July 2007 - Hannah BBQ
A very warm afternoon in the sun for Hannah's housewarming BBQ.

July 2007 - Danehill Stores relaunch and club party
The afternoon was spent drinking free bubbly, wine and coffee at the shop before we trudged over the road for a party for Kelsey's birthday. Apparently, I fell in a bush on the way home.

July 2007 - Cats and walls
Not celiings this time, the walls are being sorted out. This was the occasion that Herons Brook finally got the better of Mr Wylie and he announced his intention to go up the tree.

July 2007 - Henley Regatta
Despite the Thames having a spritely stream going, and weirs that looked like rapids, the day was hugely enjoyable. And we saw blue sky as an added bonus, too.

June 2007 - Danehill Club
It was quiz night, and although nobody won the jackpot there was a sufficiency of alcohol flowing...

June 2007 - Club Gourmet BBQ
A wonderful ball alternative, due to the ball being cancelled (which was, of course, Gainsbury's fault), as we enjoyed superb food (compliments to the chefs) and the club has never looked so nice either.

June 2007 - Ashdown Family Party
Despite a late change of venue (that was, as we all know, Gainsbury's fault) to the club, we all had an excellent time. Those unfortunate enough to be there at the end bore witness to a bunch of loud drunks brutalising Leaving on a Jet Plane.

June 2007 - Cats
More pictures of Rosie and Pingu being, well, cat-like.

May 2007 - Australia
A very brief trip to SY and ML for Barney and I.

April 2007 - Club Easter Party
The 60s/70s/80s party. Where Keith came in women's clothes. No, we didn't ask about underwear, but he put his tights on all by himself.

March 2007 - Cats
The cats were up to antics. Must be the warmer weather...

March 2007 - Carries Birthday
Need I say any more? The pictures speak for themselves :)

Feb 2007 - Skiing (2)
More pictures - some actually of people on the slopes this time...

Feb 2007 - Flying in the US
I located a DA40 with G1000 and therefore just had to take it out in the Rockies on a tour of Winter Park.

Feb 2007 - Skiing (1)
First set of pictures in and around Winter Park.

January 2007 - Luke Wedding
Luke and Marina tie the knot at Catton; the whole thing being a very enjoyable affair.

January 2007 - Club disco.
Disco for Keith and Paul's birthdays. They are both getting old gits. And, of course, a party for Australia Day.

January 2007 - Lukes stag night
The silly fool is off to get married ... a rousing pub crawl of Lindfield, dinner at Nizam, and then off to Brighton ensued.

January 2007 - New Year
New years party in Cambridge, an kite flying on new years day.

December 2006 - Boxing Day
An excellent boxing day (except for the 3.5 hrs to drive back to Sussex) at Hannahs.

December 2006 - Misc
Various from December including a (very) few Christmas ones.

November 2006 - cats
Cats around the house...

November 2006 - LINX55
Thank you very much Extreme, for bankrolling the entire drinking at the meeting. In addition, congrats to Nigel on his well deserved award.

November 2006 - Emmas leaving party
Emma left 1290 after many years - and was very drunk up at the carlton...

November 2006 - Fireworks
Fireworks at Blackheath

November 2006 - Flying
A quick dash around the block (where the block is the CTA) to try out FA's new magnetos. They work.

October 2006 - James' Halloween Party
An excellent party up in Cambridge - and we had the bonus of an extra hour of night :)

October 2006 - Carrie's Hen Party
Hannah took the camera down to Brighton ... and it looks like a lot of fun was had. A couple from the wedding reception itself in here, too.

October 2006 - More cats and ceilings
More cats and missing ceilings and tall rooms...

October 2006 - The Grand Opening
Well, it was a week afterwards actually - but the Sunday open day at the Salon was entertaining none the less.

October 2006 - WSVG at the Trocadero
Neotel provided connectivity and good rooftop views in the bargain. The troc, as always, provided amusement...

October 2006 - Bonfires and Fairs
The Burgess Hill bonfire procession followed by fairground rides.

September 2006 - Emma's Birthday
And straight after the reception bash for James, I dashed off to Bristol for Em's birthday meal.

September 2006 - James' Wedding
The Herons Brook field was temporarily converted into a reception venue to celebrate James and Lucy getting married.

August 2006 - Cats and Ceilings
On the same day that we took in Rosie and Pingu, James was busily demolishing the ceilings. Thankfully, both of the cats thought nothing of it and normality returned quickly. Except for the dust, of course..

August 2006 - Rooftops
Fun, frolics and antennas on rooftops in Brighton and London.

Summer 2006 - Randomness
Some oddments collected together from the past few months.

August 2006 - Eastbourne and Redhill Airshows
It was airshow weekend - Shoreham hosted the aircraft en route to Eastbourne and then Sunday was a quick mimble around followed by the Redhill sho

August 2006 - Hannah's poker night and flying
Evening of poker playing (complete with rules disputes) followed by lunch down at Shoreham. The only issue with the poker playing was the tune in my head all evening... "You've got to know when to hold, know when to fold, know when to walk away and know when to run." :)

August 2006 - Grandfather's Send-Off
We hope that we did the Old Chap proud with his send off. We'll miss the dear old goat!

July 2006 - Flying
Two very fine flights, including a clearance pretty much over Gatwick. Once again, Gatwick Director outdid themselves with a pair of excellent clearances. Then on to a BBQ at Hannah's.

July 2006 - Party in Cambridge
Excellent party in Cambridge followed by day in the city. And it only rained a bit on the BBQ on Jesus Green, really...

July 2006 - Sarahs Bond Party
Very few here, I'm afraid - but the party was truly memorable.

July 2006 - OGW Day
So the real end of an era as Hugh, once my English teacher, retires as headmaster of GW. Thanks for everything, all of you.

June 2006 - Henley Regatta
The company may change hands, but the Henley regulars will not be ground down by a certain PLC that we won't name for fear of it appearing in google.

June 2006 - Biggin Hill Air Show
An excellent day at EGKB - However I got sunburnt and my camera kept missing shots due to being slow-witted.

May 2006 - Various
Random selection from May.

April 2006 - London Air Show
The London Air Show at Earl's Court where they had a very nice DA42

March 2006 - Various
Random non-collated junk from Feb/March/April 2006

January 2006 - Ski Trip
A great week in Verbier ... even if the snow was a tad light!

Janury 2006 - Lukes Weekend Away
(Luke's Pictures) - Our weekend away in Sussex ... which was, er, well, an experience.

January 2006 - Lukes Weekend Away
(Paul's Pictures) - Our weekend away in Sussex ... which was, er, well, an experience.

January 2006 - Various randomness
Well there are dishes on the roof, guided tours of the sewers, and a meal in Brighon in here... Nothing like variety :)

December 2005 - Christmas
The Red Lion on Christmas Eve, Spalding on Christmas Day, and then boxing day in Nutfield.

December 2005 - USA Trip
Trip to San Francisco and Palm Desert

November 2005 - Meg's Birthday
And she was really quite drunk by the time she staggered home (narrowly avoiding the hedge opposite the bus stop).

October 2005 - Random pictures from the phone
Inspired by Keith to drag some of the less desirable photos from the Communicator, I did so. These are poor quality, but then its a phone pretending to be a camera.

October 2005 - Sarah's Farewell Party
A few pictures from Sarah's "I'm off on my adventures" party.

October 2005 - Farmyard Fun
Paul goes for a little trip up a silage tower.

October 2005 - Kate's Birthday Meal
Food and cake at the Dolphin. Vicky decorated herself with ketchup too...

September 2005 - Misc
Various oddments from September (and some from August) 2005. Includes Beryls birthday meal and Ali at PSP.

August 2005 - Brighton Beach
Brighton beach screening of Jaws ... plus trying to get IP from one end of the beach to the other.

August 2005 - James' photos of Hannah's 21st Birthday
In an unprecedented move, I've linked across to James' pictures here as nobody can ever remember the url for his.

August 2005 - Hannahs 21st
Photos from the film camera ... which, sadly, seemed to have difficulty working out light levels - so apologies for poor quality of these :(

August 2005 - Hannah's 21st Birthday
Party for Hannah's 21st at Danehill Club. I don't believe we have ever seen the place so full...
The other set, from the film camera, are on their way - unfortunately, the final prints are a bit horrific (the camera seemed to have a problem with its light sensing gear, and the print quality leaves much to be desired) so I'm having to scan and fix the negatives :(

August 2005 - Redhill Airshow
Excellent flying displays at EGKR.

RIPE50, Stockholm - Friday
The ransom response, and others from late Thursday night and/or early hours of Friday morning. And some around the city as well.

RIPE50, Stockholm - Thursday
The ripe dinner in the golden Nobel halls, and the secret conclave to elect the board produced lots of black smoke.

RIPE50, Stockholm - Wednesday
This was the day that I returned early to the hotel to do some work and have an early night ... where we all ended up in the bar with the locals until 4:30am.

RIPE50, Stockholm - Tuesday
Amongst other things, we rode on a train around Pippi Longstocking's place...

RIPE50, Stockholm - Monday
First day of the RIPE50 meeting in Stockholm.

April 2005 - Jeremy's Birthday
Bowling, and, well, the bowling alley bar as we couldn't really muster the enthusiasm to go and queue outside Karma...

March 2005 - Carrie's 18th party
Mutter mutter tents in the wrong place mutter spalding mutter car so full of stuff the roof wont shut mutter mutter rained on whilst driving up the A1 mutter mutter. A good party in the end, though...

March 2005 - Sam's Birthday
Old Orleans and Toad for Sam's birthday bash. Apologies for the lack of focus, I think that the camera was drinking that night...

February 2005 - Snow at Herons Brook
A couple of snowscapes across the field and woods. It wasn't warm, oh no. Central heating would, at this point, have been quite welcome.

February 2005 - Bedrock Rally Day
Excellent driving around a very slippy track in wholly overpowered back wheel drive Toyota 1600s

January 2005 - Ski Trip (3)
The last days of Skiing. And the final night in the chalet. And yes, I know it was February by Tuesday...

January 2005 - Ski Trip (2)
Some midweek pictures from the ski trip.

January 2005 - Ski Trip (1)
The first couple of days in Val Thorens.

January 2005 - Fiji
Some photos from around the place in Fiji (mainly resort ones).

January 2005 - Various Sydney
Various from before and after the trip to Fiji.

January 2005 - The Great Australia Tour
"India Sierra Mike, the fire service wants to confirm that you do not have any hazardous goods on board."
Alice, Alice - Thank f... for Alice!

January 2005 - New Year Party
James, Dan and I had a great time (until I fell asleep) celebrating new year at 13:00 GMT (again)

December 2004 - Sydney
First week or two in Sydney.

December 2004 - Christmas Day
Family in Spalding ... and then a mad dash down to Heathrow.

December 2004 - Christmas Eve
Chinese and then the Lindfield Pubs with the Santa fairies.

December 2004 - Bedrock Christmas Meal
Christmas dinner for all the Bedrock crew, for the last time as Bedrock Networks in fact.

November 2004 - Misc
Oddments from November (and a couple from December) 2004.

November 2004 - LINX47
The Salsa bar during LINX47. Geeks and salsa dancing dont mix very well.

November 2004 - Matrix Communications Party
An excellent party to celebrate the end of the year, and Christmas.

November 2004 - San Francisco
Mike and I went to the bay to hammer Extremes new switch.

October 2004 - Random Pics
Some oddments from October.

September 2004 - Bristol and Brighton
By the end of Saturday, the cost of the long term car park at Gatwick seemed cheap by comparison :)

September 2004 - RIPE49 - Thursday
So by this stage, we are beginning to sag - and then there was the dinner at Old Trafford to deal with. With that waiter. We nearly didn't have these pictures as I foolishly left my camera on the coach; so many thanks to Mayne for finding it for me.

September 2004 - RIPE49 - Wednesday
And on Wednesday we were wined and beered by Telecomplete ... thanks Steve!

September 2004 - RIPE49 - Tuesday
Tuesday evening LINX 10th birthday party - Many, many thanks to the LINX for providing a great evening for us all.

September 2004 - RIPE49 - Monday
Sunday and Monday evening photos from Manchester.

September 2004 - Emma stays old
We celebrated. oh yes. Mixture of Bruno's and my photos in here, personally I blame his cocktails for everything...

September 2004 - Emma gets old
An excellent meal to celebrate Emma's 21st (back in 1995)...

August 2004 - Hannah Birthday Party
The Angels and Devils party at Chris and Lionel's.

August 2004 - LINX46 Social
There was a lot or merriment...

August 2004 - Redhill Airshow
Not a bad turnout at all. Highlight was the tower giving FIS to passing traffic along the lines of "Your traffic is the B25, and the Nimrod, and watch out for the Tornado too".

August 2004 - Random photos
Very random photos...

August 2004 - Brighton Marina Trip
Actually more photos of Barney being drunk on the way home, but there you go...

July 2004 - A day for Grandie
Involving family gatherings, messing about in boats, and a bouncy castle.

July 2004 - Long Weekend in Norway
A very busy three days in Bergen and Stalheim.

July 2004 - Ali Birthday Meal
An improptu trip to the Dolphin.

July 2004 - Herons Brook Office
Some shots from around the office that we needed.

July 2004 - Michelle's 21st Birthday
Fun around at the club.

July 2004 - Tim's 21st Party
An excellent evening as we inagurated the new bouncy castle, and generally had a wonderful time of it.

June 2004 - Henley
Despite a broken lock, and then later on, a dinghy that broke down with us all in it mid-stream it was a fantastic day on the river.

June 2004 - Tim 21st Meal
A noisy evening up at TGIs for Tim's 21st Birthday

June 2004 - Jarad's Last Night
We all popped down to the Red Lion to see the convict off. Barney then went to Heathrow at 2am to make sure he actually went!

June 2004 - Ashdown Ball
Not many on here this year - I was Mr Grumpy as a result of having an entire week of being woken up by my friends at 5459...

May 2004 - Quick thrash around Haywards Heath
Kudos to Gatwick Director for being excellent to us.

April 2004 - Misc
Various from April 2004

April 2004, Evolution Drinks
Evening out in Haywards Heath for Claire's birthday. I believe that Stus beer might have been flat, but I could be mistaken...

March 2004 - Old Orleans
Night out in Brighton for Sam's birthday.

March 2004 - Kate and Penny's birthday
So we went to BarCena and Ask. And back to BarCena again, by which stage things were getting quite silly...

February 2004 - Hannahs birthday
The James Bond theme party - where martinis were shaken and not stirred.

January 2004 - RIPE47 - Friday
Last pictures from RIPE.

January 2004 - RIPE47 - Thursday
Yes, it was my birthday, and yes, Vanessa kept reminding everyone of the fact. And yes, I look old, grumpy and tired but there you go!

January 2004 - RIPE47 - Wednesday
The human carnage as we visited both the whisky bar and Winstons in the same evening...

January 2004 - RIPE47 - Tuesday
More photos from RIPE.

January 2004 - RIPE47 - Monday
Monday evening photos from Amsterdam.

January 2004 - BarCena
Why did nobody tell me about this place before? I've found somewhere decent to drink!

January 2004 - Fondues
So we go around to Stu and Charlottes for a fondue, and I burn my mouth on the searing hot skewers.

January 2004 - New Year Party
Now theres a thing. New year party at Danehill, even if numbers were down on last year...

December 2003 - Christmas
Photos from Christmas Eve as well as a few on Christmas day itself.

December 2003 - Various
Odds and ends from December before Christmas set in.

December 2003 - BUG club
The December BUG club meeting at followed by a trip to the clink prison. We didnt leave anyone at the clink, however tempting it may have been.

November 2003 - At the Red Lion
Having won the rugby (a reasonable excuse), the pub was quite rowdy. The fact that it would have been even if there had been no rugby is beside the point.

November 2003 - LINX43
The eating/drinking/dancing on the boat afterwards. The dancing standard varied quite considerably.

November 2003 - Various
Some shots from Herons Brook, plus Doug and I out in Cambridge...

October 2003 - Halloween party
Stu, James and I flew up to Nottingham for Kate's house halloween party. A great time was had by everyone there.

October 2003 - Pub trip
Catching up with people at the Ansty Cross after a fun day's flying.

October 2003 - Various
Various from October, including more Herons Brook photos.

October 2003 - Sarahs party
A brief excursion into mayhem round in courtlands!

September 2003 - RIPE46 - Friday
Finally, the voting process at the AGM ended and we went out for the evening.

September 2003 - RIPE46 - Thursday
Photos from Thursday, the RIPE dinner in the circular church.

September 2003 - RIPE46 - Wednesday
Fun, frolics, hilarity and mirth on day 3 of the RIPE meeting (actually some from Tuesday too) - including Mike and his Evil Twin.

September 2003 - RIPE 46 - Monday
Photos from day one of the RIPE46 meeting.

August 2003 - Bedrock kick-off meeting
An excellent evening at the races for the Bedrock kick-off meeting for 2003/04

August 2003 - More Herons Brook
And still we continue our toil...

August 2003 - Various
A handful of random pictures from August.

August 2003 - Trip to Londonderry (2)
Second half of the Derry photos; including the 'quiet' last night.

August 2003 - Trip to Londonderry (1)
An excellent weekend away to see Lindsey - and we all stayed up too late and drunk too much...

July 2003 - More Herons Brook
Are you bored of this yet? It sure seems like we are :-)

July 2003 - David & Mark
A thoroughly agreeable afternoon and evening at 'Mark and David's Celebration of Union' at the College.

July 2003 - Nans 80th celebrations
There was food, food, food, singing, more food, and an excellent time too...

July 2003 - Herons Brook
More work is done to Herons Brook, thanks to the magnificent efforts of the workforce.

July 2003 - Herons Brook
The start of work to renovate Herons Brook.

June 2003 - Ashdown Ball
A delightful evening in Danehill for the Ball.

June 2003 - Herons Brook
Photos from the initial viewing of Herons Brook... The 'before' set :)

May 2003 - Various 2
Various photos from May

May 2003 - Various (1)
Various photos from May

May 2003 - LINX Meeting
May 2003 - LINX Meeting

May 2003 - RIPE 45, Thursday
Thursdays photos (including the dinner) from RIPE45, Barcelona.

May 2003 - RIPE 45, Wednesday
Wednesday photos from RIPE45, Barcelona.

May 2003 - RIPE 45, Tuesday
Tuesdays photos from RIPE45, Barcelona.

May 2003 - RIPE 45, Monday
Mondays photos from RIPE45, Barcelona.

May 2003 - Rice Air Flying (1)
Set one of the photos of Sussex villages and Nottingham.

May 2003 - Misc
Some misc pics from May

April 2003 - Australia
A quick trip to Sydney for some work and flying...

March 2003 - Carrie Birthday
Carries birthday in Spalding.

January 2003 - New Year Party
We hope that the Danehill new year was up to standard :)

December 2002 - Christmas Day
Christmas day in Spalding.

December 2002 - Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve at the Red Lion and the Bent - where there was a fully quorate gathering of Warthog roving reporters to boot.

November 2002 - BUG Club meeting
The Bedrock Users Group meeting at Chelsea Football Ground.

November 2002 : CRIX and Cairo trip
Trip to Egypt to install the CRIX ... and look at pyramids. The latter would be better served if there were not swarming hoardes of hawking natives on camels accosting you continually.

November 2002 - Carrie Party
Much fun was had...

September 2002 - RIPE 43 - Thursday
RIPE Dinner pictures.

September 2002 - RIPE 43 - Wednesday
Pictures from the Blue Lagoon, until the camera ran out of batteries :(

September 2002 - RIPE 43 - Tuesday
Second set of photos from Rhodes. Includes James 'bird-man' Rice flying.

September 2002 - RIPE 43 - Sunday
First set of photos from Rhodes. Includes James 'fish-boy' Rice diving.

July/Aug 2002 - Miscellaneous
Assorted various photos - not a well categorised couple of months, really.

June 2002 - Nick & Lizz wedding
A highly entertaining weekend in Scotland - these are some of the last photos as I used my ancient digital camera as a last resort...

May 2002 - LINX 37
The LINX 37 social event at Wodkas in Kensington.

May 2002 - Berrylands Cabaret Reunion
Again, we descended on the Berry and they wondered what on earth had hit them...

May 2002 - RIPE42 Various
Misc pictures from Wednesday and Thursday at the RIPE meeting.

May 2002 - RIPE42 Queens Day
Much hilarity in the city for Koninginnedag

March 2002 - Miscellaneous
Various from March, some Sussex some Cambridge.

March 2002 - Bedrock Users Group Meeting
The BUG club meeting at Vinopolis.

March 2002 - Penny's Birthday
Trip down to Brighton for Penny's birthday - and the restaurant where we caused some chaos.

March 2002 - Kate's Birthday
The other Kate's birthday gathering in Ask - where we all got well fed and watered.

Feb 2002 - Kate's Graduation Meal
Trip out to celebrate Kate's first degree. We might not be able to go back there again...

January 2002 - Amys Birthday
Meal out in Haywards Heath for Amy's birthday.

January 2002 - New Year
New year 2001 - 2002

December 2001 - Christmas
All photos from Christmas and surrounding days.

December 2001 - BUG club trip to the London Eye
The Bedrock Users Group trip after their December meeting.

October 2001 - Vancouver
A few pics from the Extreme trip to vancouver.

October 2001 - Kate's 21st Birthday Bash
Another great party with a bouncy castle :)

October 2001 - RIPE40, Prague
Photos from Friday, mainly from the trip proving that Gordon can indeed organise a piss up in a brewery.

October 2001 - RIPE 40, Prague
The Thursday of the RIPE 40 meeting in Prague. Includes photos of the dinner at the chateau with the gateau...

October 2001 - RIPE40, Prague
Wednesday photos including the geeks in clover up the tv tower, and the ubiquitous drinks...

October 2001 - RIPE40, Prague
Tuesday evening photos from the RIPE meeting.

September 2001 - Lidgate Dinner Party
Louise cooked a truly excellent meal for us.

August 2001 - Hannah and Tim's party
A very fine evening was had by all - and no trips to A&E this time!

August 2001 - Bowling for Hannah's Birthday
Some half-decent scores too :-)

August 2001 - Various misc
Some odds and ends from August.

August 2001 - Party at Danehill
This was "The Chin Party" - for those who were there, this is very apparent. And my teeth still hurt...

June 2001 - Brighton College Commem 2001
Can you believe that it was ten years ago that we left?!

June 2001 - Airbourne antics
Various aerial photos from May & June.

June 2001 - PSI Outing to Balmain
Farewell drinks for Ian M, Tony S, Tim and me - not many as I escaped early.

June 2001 - Various Sydney pictures
The odds and ends from the last month in Australia.

May 2001 - Chris' Cessnock trip
A happy afternoon up the coast (well, for the passengers at least...)

May 2001 - Becky's 21st at PSI
Fun was had by all at the party after work.. Including that helium voice :-)

May 2001 - Sydney Airport Visit
India Sierra Mike cleared to land runway three four right.

May 2001 - Proof that it does rain in Sydney
This was the result of only 40 mins of rain - note that you have a glimpse of water spiralling down a drain in the Southern Hemisphere too :)

May 2001 - Around Sydney (3)
Pictures from manual camera, including night shots of Sydney, and pictures from Carole & Carrie's last day.

April 2001 - Around Sydney (2)
More day trips around Sydney...

April 2001 - Around Sydney (1)
Outing 1 - to the Koala sanctuary.

April 2001 - Sydney Harbour (set 2)
The considerably better set from the city flypast (these ones taken from the front of the plane!)

April 2001 - Sydney Harbour
Flypast 'not less than 1500ft' - and the nice chap from Sydney Departures let us overfly the CBD too... (better photos to follow - they are on quaint old film!)

April 2001 - Melbourne
Trip down to Melbourne for Kristen's birthday, and another visit to Ramsay St...

April 2001 - Sydney
Trips to the Aquarium, and to the Opera House.

March 2001 - Goldsbrough Apartment
Various pictures of the (rather messy) apartment in Sydney.

March 2001 - Botany Bay
A trip back to Cook's landing point for a 13-year-on photo call!

March 2001 - PSI Drinks
PSI outing to the Clock Bar where there was much silliness (after I left, of course).

March 2001 - Melbourne
The following weekend, I was back down in Melbourne for a good night out; and even managed to visit Ramsay Street the next day.

March 2001 - Australian Grand Prix (set 2)
These are the actual images-on-film pictures of the Grand Prix.

March 2001 - Australian Grand Prix
A few shots from Sat/Sun at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne (most of the photos taken here will follow, as they are on dunk-it-in-chemicals photographic products :-)

Feb 2001 - Various
PSI office shots, and some of Pip's BBQ.

January 2001 - My Birthday
I wasn't dissapointed by the weather - it rose to the occasion and rained...

January 2001 - Misc from January
These didn't fit well anywhere else...

January 2001 - Taronga Zoo
And on the way back, we stopped off to find a kangaroo in the zoo!

January 2001 - Katoomba
We went to the Blue mountains for a couple of days. They stayed in a youth hostel - I located The Carrington!

January 2001 - Australia's 100 years of Federation
Australia celebrated 100 years of being a federation on 01/01/2001. I'm doing well at being in Sydney when they have a birthday - here in 1988 as well :-)

January 2001 - New Year 2000-2001
The dawn of the new millenium was spent on the beach. Actually, we did it twice , because as far as I'm concerned its not new year until 00:00 GMT...

December 2000 - Day in Sydney...
We went up Centrepoint Tower, and strolled in the Botanical Gardens.

Decmber 2000 - Christmas Day
A few pics from Christmas day (in the morning).

December 2000 - Coogee 1
A few pictures of Coogee beach, and the apartment.

December 2000 - PSI Net UK Christmas Party
Oh what fun we all had as much drink flowed and we danced and gambled the night away... Then there was the Karoke (which, I have to say, I didn't get involved in...)

November 2000 - General silliness
Barney does his dog impressions, and Stu re-arranges bits of the office. Kate was wondering where these were, so here they are :-)

November 2000 - Kevin's Leaving Bash
Much drinking and being merry at Harrys and All Bar One, as the Director of Boiled Beverage Operations finally hung up his tea cosy and left us!

October 2000 - Extreme CAC, Rome
Those splendid people at Extreme spent a chunk of their marketing budget on sending a group of us to Rome for the weekend - and very good it was too (especially Kevin and the fountains...)

September 2000 - Various
Various from September (and a couple from August, in fact)

September 2000 - Nick Puttick's 21st
An excellent evening, with many thanks to Colin for letting us not-quite-trash his house.

July 2000 - Goats!
Being goats, these deserved a category to themselves...

July 2000 - The Italy Trip 2
Doug's photos from the mercy medical mission to the Alps to fetch silly people who somehow neglected to buy travel insurance, and look the wrong way when crossing the road... Sorry Rosie & Louise but I'm afraid that public humiliation is required :)

July 2000 - The Italy Trip 1
Paul's photos from the said-same damsels-in-distress fetching trip.

July 2000 - Glasgow Trip, the return
Trip to Glasgow, which was surprisingly sunny!

July 2000 - PSI/Sportal Rotterdam Boat Trip
After the trials of Euro2000, nobody ended up in the water, either :-)

July 2000 - Brighton College Ball
The Midsummer Ball

July 2000 - Brighton College Commemoration
Photos from Commem day 2000

June 2000 - Miscellaneous
Misc photos from June

June 2000 - Euro 2000
Photos from Amsterdam, including the France v Holland match

May 2000 - Various (1)
Various photos from May, mainly Sussex.

May 2000 - Various (2)
Various photos from May, mainly Sussex. (May wasn't a well categorized month :)

May 2000 - Electronics Projects...
Ali's Final Year Project that we had to help him finish in a week!

April 2000 - Las Vegas.
A weekend in Las Vegas, where it was hideously hot...

Feb 2000 - RIPE meeting.
Pictures from the RIPE meeting dinner in Amsterdam.

Feb 2000 - More USA.
The rest of the trip below - a weekend in Seattle.

Feb 2000 - California trip.
Back in the US of A.

January 2000 - My Birthday.
A good night at Brighton Marina - and its probably a good thing that we don't want to go back there in a great hurry...

January 2000 - PSI LA Data Centre.
Opening days of the LA Data Centre. And a cold Dulles airport!

January 2000 - Glasgow.
Nick & Danni's housewarming weekend in Glasgow.

January 2000 - New Year.
New Year's eve 1999, and the small hours of 01/01/2000

December 1999 - Christmas stuff.
Various from Christmas 1999.

November 1999 - Misc.
Various from November 1999.

November 1999 - PSI Net Christmas Dinner.
Lots of people being very, erm, drunk and having a generally good time.

November 1999 - Trip to the zoo.
Doug and I went to the zoo, zoo, zoo how about you, you, you?

October 1999 - The Berrylands Reunion.
14 years on and none of us had changed a bit ... well, hardly!

September 1999 - OBA Drinks.
DG's City gathering, where a good time was had by all... again!

September 1999 - Various.
Various from September that don't fit in anywhere else.

August 1999 - Sardinia.
The full set of Sardinia photos.

August 1999 - Total Eclipse Photos.
Doug went to Austria to see the total eclipse - these are his pictures.

August 1999 - Miscellaneous.
Various from London and a couple from Surrey.

August 1999 - PSINet Summer BBQ.
A great evening at St Giles'. Kevin also took half of these photos.

July 1999 - LHC Outing.
LHC and Data Center staff evening out to the Lotus - a good time had by all.

July 1999 - London Datacentre Opening.
The official opening of the London Data Centre (where I supplied the fibre that wouldn't cut ...)

July 1999 - Nan's Birthday.
Weekend in Spalding. Lots of good food!

July 1999 - Brighton College Ball.
Also contains the photos of Commem the following day.

June 1999 - The London flat.
A few pictures from the Docklands residence!

June 1999 - Miscellaneous.
Some from London, a few from Sussex (the Kitchen photos!)

May 1999 - Oddments.
Various, including a party at Jeremy's house.

May 1999 - Oathall Leavers' Ball.
Jen had my camera that night, so I'm not responsible for any of it. Oh, and of course, she emphatically did not drink too much and feel very unwell :-)

April 1999 - Easter photos.
From Good Friday to Easter Monday, mainly drunken ones on Saturday night :-)

April 1999 - Andy's PSI photos.
Andy went around with my camera and I didn't know these were on there...

March 1999 - Another trip to the USA.
We did very little sightseeing, but here is what there is :)

February 1999 - The Iceland Trip.
Paul and Lindsey's weekend in freezing Iceland.

January 1999 - Miscellaneous.
Various images salvaged off my old notebook from around this time - only located in October 1999!

New Year 1998/1999.
Covers from around 27/12 - 05/01 and several "civilised" "gatherings"!

December 1998 - Various.
The ones taken in December that were not Christmas related...

Christmas 1998.
All mainly family stuff from Spalding.

Christmas Eve 1998.
At The Bent Arms.

October 1998 - Bruce's & Alex's birthday.
The river trip where we all got very drunk.

September 1998 - Various.
Quite a few photos that don't fit into a category of their own because there were not loads

September 1998 - The PSI bods at the pub.
A large chunk of PSINet decamped to the Golden Hind, and Doug scuttled around with my camera.

September 1998 - LINX office work.
Gerry, Maurizio and I re-wire the LINX office in Peterborough.

September 1998 - USA trip.
The allegedly business trip to California and Chicago.

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