All Photos from Alghero, Sardinia 1999

Beach Photos
The 1st night on the beach, the swimming in the sea, and Wednesday night down on the beach.

Campsite Photos
Photos around our little campsite area.

Neptune's Grotto Caves
Caves at the bottom of the cliff we climbed down! Not excellent quality, as the digital camera isn't best at this sort of thing.

Cliff climbing
They made me climb down this cliff, and I have the photos to prove it!

These, I guess, were meant to be more civilised; only they weren't...

Poolside photos - 1
Poolside photos - 2
Loads of pool photos, so they are divided into two halves. It was too hot to venture far from the large heat sink.

Trip out to Tharros - a 5BC Roman City (or whats left of it, anyway).

Underwater photos
Pictures we took with the underwater camera.

Anything that didn't fit into the above categories.

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